Laziness is generally thought of as one who just sits around and doesn’t do anything, jobless, bumming off mom and dad, kids running wild with no discipline…however, it goes much deeper that that. Laziness is not doing the things that you know you’re supposed to do. And by the way…that is a sin. I can use myself as a great example of this. I never would have called myself lazy, I was in grad school full time, working full time, engaged to be married, helping to raise who would be my step son, and dedicated to working out. Not the definition of lazy. However, in all of my diligence with work and school, I was still neglecting areas in my life. I was not the fiancé I should have been, I was not the parent I should have been, and I was not spending time with God or reading His word. I was confusing busyness with laziness, as I was doing a lot of good things and neglecting the great things. God has really worked in this area of my life, realigning my priorities and getting rid of my laziness.

If you’re too busy at work, at school, at the gym, then you are probably being lazy in your relationships; with God, your spouse, your kids, and with your health.

God has a lot to say on the matter in proverbs.

Proverbs 10:4. Idle hands make one poor, but diligent hands bring riches.

Proverbs 14:23. There is profit in hard work, but endless talk leads only to poverty.

Proverbs 28:19. The one who works his land will have plenty of food, but whoever chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.

These verses speak of doing, not just saying. Everyone says they want to do the right thing, but how many do? We all want a great relationship with God…how much time do you spend with Him vs thinking about it? We all want a great marriage…how much work do you put into it, do you have the tough conversations, do you still date, vs hoping it turns out or well or just finding the faults in your spouse? We all want awesome kids…how much quality time do you spend with them, how much do you teach them, how much do you discipline them vs just wondering why they wont listen to you? It normally takes diligence and hard work to do anything worth doing…a lot if people would rather do what is easy. Dreaming about things getting better doesn’t make it happen, it takes effort. Paul spoke of doing the things he hates, rather than what he knows is right. This is a struggle for everyone.

God promises riches and profit to those who work hard. This doesn’t mean financial gain, but it can. If you work your tail off at work, you’ll get raises, promotions, bonuses, etc. If you pray and read your Bible daily, God will speak to you and provide blessings to your life. If you work hard on your marriage, have those tough conversations you’ve been putting off, taking time out to date, serving your spouse, etc, God promises you a rich and fulfilling marriage.

Proverbs 18:9. The one who is truly lazy in his work is brother to a vandal.

On the other side, God teaches that if you are lazy, you are as bad as a theif. You are stealing away the gifts God have given you, you are stealing from those around you that God wants you to reach, you are stealing from yourself and the life God wants for you.

You can apply these principles on laziness to any aspect of your life. I have to apply them daily to my marriage and with my kids. It is so much easier for me to come home from work and just sit on the couch and relax. In reality, this is the only good quality time I have with my family during the week…it’s not the time for me to be selfish.

Remember, God’s promises always are true, and they are for all of His followers. What areas is He telling you to change so you can get all of the amazing things God has in store for you?


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