You can’t fake it

Proverbs 11:22. A beautiful woman who rejects good sense is like a gold ring in a pigs snout.

Ouch! That one really drives it home. How foolish is that picture…a nice expensive ring stuck up a pigs nose. I certainly don’t want to look that foolish. Unfortunately, I have before, and I’m sure many others have as well.

This proverb obviously speaks to your appearance, vanity, etc. however, this also speaks to being hypocritical, looking on the outside like you are righteous and doing the opposite behind closed doors.

In the news it seems every year you hear of a church leader or a teacher/coach getting in trouble for “inappropriate relations” with someone they were entrusted to lead or mentor. On the outside these obviously appeared to be doing well. they were appointed to lead churches, teach and coach our youth. Not just anyone is able to have these privileges, so you can guess that they had no “red flags” of any big sin issues. In reality, they have some serious sexual sin issues they were not dealing with and setting boundaries for themselves to avoid the sin. Your sin will always catch up with you and be brought into the light unless you deal with it.

Not only do these people look foolish for appearing one way on the outside and being something else on the inside, but they have damaged those closest to them and those they were entrusted to work with.

Remember the Holy Spirit will change you from the inside out. Let your appearance be a reflection of what Christ is doing inside of you. God’s love should shine from us like a light, so He is glorified with all that we do. Don’t appear to be what you think people want to see on the outside. Deal with your sin, don’t wait until it drags you, your family, and the body of Christ down with you. God loves you too much, He wants you to make the most out of your life here.


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