Men create, boys consume.

I was inspired by an article from linked here I encourage you to read this and then this post.

When guys are immature, or boys, they are primarily consumers. Everything is done for themselves or for their entertainment. They rely on parents, friends, girlfriends, and family for places to live, for money, and to really just meet their needs. As guys mature, becoming men, they begin to create things; carving out their own place in life. A man will think of others before himself, and what he can create to help others.

Men are designed by God to be creators. We are here to forge our own unique paths, lead families, put to use our spiritual and financial gifts, make a difference in this world, and DO something with the lives we have been given. God is not calling you to sit on your duff and play video games.

Lets take the life of David as an example. God called him to inspire an army by taking down Goliath, lead the kingdom of Israel by being a soldier and king, and to create a legacy of kings to lead Israel. When David decided to stay at home and not go to war, he got to seeking his own pleasure and consumed himself with another man’s wife. This led to a series of poor decisions and to his family and kingdom slipping away from him. God called him to be a MAN, a creator, a warrior, an innovator, an artist, author, and musician. When he decided to be a boy, sit at home and be a consumer, he lost it all.

Men. What are you creating with your family?

A man is a leader of his home and does so by meeting the needs of his family before his own. He cultivates the gifts of his wife and kids. He leads by example. He teaches and inspires his family. He creates a legacy in his family of success in Gods eyes.

Men. What are you creating with your life?

A man not only fulfills his job duties, but forged into uncharted territory; creating new ways to do things. He uses all of his God given gifts to grow the workplace and to bring up his fellow coworkers. If in school, a man will go at his dreams with reckless abandon. Doing whatever it takes to go through class, internship, or apprenticeship. He stands out from the crowd and crests his dreams.

Men. What are you creating at church?

Men lead their families and church by being active participants in worship on Sunday morning. Men use their God given gifts to serve others on Sunday morning. Men use the money God has given them to support the ministries at the church.

Men. God gave you this life, what are you doing with it?

Boys. Just because you are older than 18, married, have kids, have a job, etc, does not mean that you are a mature man.

Boys. Man up. This world needs more manly men! We need guys who DO things, not just sit around.

I know I’ve got a lot to do to live up to this standard. I’m glad I’ve got God on my side.

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