I do, therefore I pray

As I was praying today, I realized that I had done something and was then praying about it. God spoke back to me. He told me I would have not done that if I had prayed first.

We all do this in times of repentance. We are asking God to forgive us for sinning. Obviously we made a bad decision and are looking to be forgiven and to turn away from whatever behavior it was.

At times I find myself asking God “was that the right choice?” “Did I make a good decision?” “Did I do something wrong?” There is nothing wrong with doing this. God wants to hear from us all the time. In my case, the problem is that I didn’t ask God before the decision. I have learned the hard way, that this is a huge mistake. God will provide me with His all knowing wisdom before I have to make the decision.

If God can provide us with the answer, then why is everything so darn hard? In my case I’ve found 3 reasons why.

1. I asked and then didn’t spend any time listening. Sometimes God will answer you right away, sometimes it will take a few days, and most times He will provide your answer through studying His word and asking wise council.

2. I ignored the answer because I wanted to do it my way. I am stubborn.  I don’t like to ask for help. My way is usually right anyway. I really want to do this or make that decision no matter what God has to say about it. All of these are some poor excuses to ignore God’s answer.

3. I only asked once. At times we may need to pray over and over and over before we get our answer. Patience and persistence are imperative to prayer.

Instead of doing and then praying, we should pray then do.  In everything…not just in a few decisions. There is no decision too big or too small for God to handle.

I’d love to hear any other struggles in this area. Does anyone else fall into the 3 patterns I have mentioned?

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