What God taught me thru MOMENTUM

For those of you who do not know what MOMENTUM is, go to http://www.friendship momentum.com and you will find out all about it.

As our church leadership first began talking about MOMENTUM, there were several things I was hesitant about. First, our goal as a church seemed unreachable. I could only imagine the disappointment when we finished well short of our goal. Second, I was unsure if we would be able to help out much, as we have lots of debt and give quite a bit already.

Issue number 1…our lofty goal. As I read scripture, prayed, and spoke with those much more wise than myself I realized being scared of that goal was a good thing. This goal was impossible for us to reach…it was a God sized goal. We would 100% need God to show up in peoples lives to reach this goal. If we set the bar lower, we would be selling God short.

Then I began thinking about things in my life…where else am I selling God short?  Am I selling Him short in my marriage, my ministry, my job? I realized that I only had goals, dreams, and visions of things that I could do. Sure, I always need God’s hand on everything I do…but I’m not totally relying on Him to do BIG things in my life. This is led by the same fears I had about the MOMENTUM goals that were set. Hold that thought. 

Issue number 2…how can I give more? We give quite a bit already. Between tithing, giving to some ministries and some charities…isn’t that enough? Are we giving all that we can? I was very much inspired by a message on generosity. It is well worth your time to take 40 min or so and listen to this, it could change your life: http://experiencefriendship.com/sermons/The%20Requirement%20of%20a%20Generous%20Life.mp3

God told me that I was not yet giving sacrificially. Of course over time i’ve given up things so we can keep our budget in line…but I haven’t truly sacrificed. THIS is how I was to get more to give. Sacrifice. Again this is something that would allow me to rely more on God to take care of us. My giving has also not been “God sized,” it was merely “Andy sized.” Was I too afraid to be a bigger giver? Was I afraid that God would not come thru and take care of us? Hold that thought.

What have I learned so far from MOMENTUM? I have learned that I have held back on what God has for my life and the lives of my family because I was afraid and I had too little trust in God.

What can I expect over the next two years as we go they MOMENTUM? I can expect God to take care of us if we continue to rely on Him. I can expect that the things that we are sacrificing, I probably won’t miss much and didnt need in the first place. I can expect God to blow my mind on how awesome my marriage, job, ministry, church, kids, and life is supposed to be.

I will pray the same for you.

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