Lead like Jesus

I just finished a reading plan on the Youversion Bible App called “Lead like Jesus.” There are some good insights into leadership based on how Jesus lead people. Here are some good things to think about if you are a leader or think you are gifted to be a leader someday.

1. Are people willing to follow you, or do they do so because they have to? People naturally wanted to follow Jesus, he didn’t have to use His power to force others to follow Him. This still goes on today, we have free will to choose to follow Jesus or not.

2. As a leader do you feel like you are better than those you lead? Jesus doesn’t have a superiority complex. He demonstrated servant leadership, by putting others needs in front of His own. Even though He truly is better than us, He never demonstrates that He is superior to anyone.

3. Are you able to show compassion and grace? Jesus always showed compassion and gave grace to people. His ministry is in people, and so is ours. If you don’t actually care about people, you may be unfit to lead them.

4. Are you willing to train up your replacement? How about others to lead along side you? Jesus spent His time on Earth training up His disciples to carry on His ministry. Who is going to lead the next generation if we don’t train them? If you are too hung up on hanging onto your power to raise up other leaders around you, your ministry will die out.

5. Do you know how to say no? Jesus was constantly being asked to do things. At times, He went out on his own and spent time in prayer. He had to say no to good things to be able to do great things. As a leader you need to spend time working on yourself thru prayer, Bible study, and learning. As a leader you need to take some time off. At times, you will have to say no. You can’t do everything. You shouldn’t do everything. Other people are better at certain things than you are, let them do things that you shouldn’t be doing.

Jesus has much more to teach on leadership, and this is just a snippet of a few things I found beneficial.

What are some leadership principles that you have found helpful?

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