Like a child

I drove up to school to drop the kids off and put the car in park. The previous night I had rehearsed how this conversation would go. You see, I had been quite impatient with my kids over the past few days and was a little too quick to raise my voice in anger. My intention was to apologize to them for my poor behavior. What ended up happening was God teaching me a valuable lesson I never saw coming.

Multiple times throughout the Bible(psalm116:6, Luke 10:21, Mark 10:15,  Luke 18:17), it references people having faith like a child. To me this had always meant believing what you don’t always understand. As a kid, we have a lot to learn and need to trust what Jesus has taught us. That, to me, is what having childlike faith has always meant.

On this day, God taught me much more about the meaning of this.

I proceeded to explain to my kids how I acted and how I had treated them was not ok. I apologized to them and asked for their forgiveness. Without hesitation, my 7 year old gave me a hug and said, ” It’s OK dad, I still love you anyway.”

After my heart was done melting into 1000 pieces, God began to speak to me throughout the morning. The words from my daughter, although not scripture, screamed of His Truth.

1. It’s OK. Believing like a child, means you believe that it’s OK. No matter what, it’s OK because God is with you.

2.  I still love you. This statement implies there was love before the sin, love during the sin, and love after the sin. A childlike faith means you believe that God has always loved you, is currently loving you, and will love you in the future.

3. Anyways. Despite our faults, God still loves us. Even though we mess up, the love is still there. Having faith in God like a child is realizing that no matter the screw up, God’s love is there.

On this day, God taught me much more than I could have imagined. Having a childlike faith is not only just believing in God in times and situations you don’t understand. It’s so much more. It’s believing that it is OK and God loves you anyway.

What better a lesson could God have taught me about childlike faith from the mouth of a child?

Mark 10:15 records the Words of Jesus: “I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”

This being true, perhaps we should all spend some time seeking out what it means to be childlike.

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