Proverbs 19:18

Proverbs is filled with good parenting advice, one of my favorites is:

​Discipline your son while there is hope; don’t be intent on killing him.

Proverbs 19:18 HCSB

Nobody enjoys disciplining their kids, and kids don’t make it easy on us. It’s hard, but it’s necessary. This proverb equates a lack of discipline to killing your kids. Think it’s extreme? Not so, it’s true. 

An undisciplined kid will never learn how to work hard, treat other people, respect authority, or what is right or wrong. Maybe they end up struggling through life learning hard lessons they should have learned as a kid, maybe they get involved in substance abuse, maybe they end up in jail, or truly they may end up physically dead. 

It’s never too late to discipline your kids. Start now! They won’t like it now, but it’s the only way to guide them to a fruitful life.  

As parents we have 2 choices, discipline or death…we have to pick what we want for our kids. 

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