Proverbs 27:7

​As Americans, we take many things for granted. When we take things for granted, we surely don’t appreciate them. Even the smallest things in our life are blessings, and we need to be aware that they exist. If we aren’t looking, we won’t see them. Proverbs 27:7 says:

A person who is full tramples on a honeycomb, but to a hungry person, any bitter thing is sweet.

One doesn’t appreciate food, until they have been hungry. Some nights I stare into a full pantry and refrigerator and say, “we’ve got nothing to eat.” I’ve gotten so unappreciative of the fact that we have plenty to eat, I complain that I don’t have the right thing to eat. I don’t look thru the eyes of someone who is hungry, one who yearns for more, but thru the eyes of one who has more than enough. 

What else do we take for granted in our lives? Look for what God is doing in your life. Look thru the eyes of someone who hungry. We can’t appreciate what God is doing if we aren’t looking. 


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